4 Calling Birds

4 Calling Birds - Season 2 Episode 4 - Doctor Yogi Andrew McGonigle

December 17, 2021 4 Calling Birds - Hayley Clapham, Meredith Hepner Chapman, Natalie Spence & Steven Carter Bailey Season 2 Episode 5
4 Calling Birds
4 Calling Birds - Season 2 Episode 4 - Doctor Yogi Andrew McGonigle
Show Notes

On this episode....

The 4 Calling Birds (Hayley, Meredith & Natalie. Sadly no Steven this week) are chatting about yoga. Natalie Spence is joined by yoga and anatomy teacher Andrew McGonigle aka Doctor Yogi.

Andrew chats about the anatomy, the benefits of yoga and Fascia. It's a truly "Fascia-nating" interview.

After the interview, Natalie joins the rest of The Birds back in the studio to chat about their yoga experiences and what they took from the interview with Andrew.

And of course, there's also the usual "Would You Rather" Questions set by Jeremy the Producer.

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This Weeks Guest:
Dr Andrew McGonigle - Doctor Yogi
Andrew is an  anatomy teacher empowering yoga teachers to teach from a more science-informed perspective.

If you would like to find out more about Andrew then visit his website www.doctor-yogi.com

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The 4 Calling Birds are:

  • Hayley Clapham - Voice over artist
  • Natalie Spence - Singer and Actress
  • Steven Carter Bailey - Great British Bake Off Queen and Resident Agony Uncle
  • Meredith Hepner Chapman - PR Guru and Expert at making a short story long

Edited & Produced by Jeremy Chapman @jeremychapman_voiceartist

**Contains adult humour**
Music Credit: Royalty Free -  Composed exclusively for 4 Calling Birds by
Willie Dowling