4 Calling Birds

4 Calling Birds Episode 12 - Season Finale

June 06, 2021 4 Calling Birds - Hayley Clapham, Meredith Hepner Chapman, Natalie Spence & Steven Carter Bailey Season 1 Episode 12
4 Calling Birds
4 Calling Birds Episode 12 - Season Finale
Show Notes

On this weeks episode - Our Season Finale

Join the 4 Calling Birds (Hayley, Meredith, Natalie & Steven) for our season finale as they discuss best and worst season finales and painful/ painfully break ups. They also receive a question from a special guest.....

We hope you have enjoyed the first season of 4 Calling Birds Podcast and we can't to see you again in September for Season Two.

If you have a story to tell and would like to be a guest on the podcast then email:


4 Calling Birds - Honest conversations that give us all a voice

The 4 Calling Birds are:

  • Hayley Clapham - Voice over artist
  • Natalie Spence - Singer and Actress
  • Steven Carter Bailey - Great British Bake Off Queen and Resident Agony Uncle
  • Meredith Hepner Chapman - PR Guru and Expert at making a short story long

    Edited & Produced by Jeremy Chapman @jeremychapman_voiceartist

    **Contains adult humour**

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    Willie Dowling

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